Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

Telenor-Pakistan offers many amazing”Telenor Weekly Internet Packages” for their users. These will be the inexpensive Packages and everyone else may be used readily. This communicating company provides many opportunities to clients. Telenor-Pakistan communication gives many benefits to their buyers.

These will be the critical packages for all users. Telenor-Pakistan is the ideal communicating business in Pakistan that provides latest packages to their customers. Therefore consistently use Telenor Internet Packages using network that is awesome.

There are a few major Telenor Weekly Internet Packages like”Telenor Dhamal Internet Give” keeps 2 GB Free Internet Data in only Rs.85 valid for 7 Days and”Telenor 4G Weekly Package” provides you 750 MB Free Internet Data in just Rs.89.63 valid for seven days.

Similarly”Telenor Haftawar Chappar Phaar Package” provides you 70 MB Free Internet Data and 2000 On-Net moments in only Rs.90 legal for 7 Days. And”Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Package” maintains 1 GB Free Internet Data, 1, 000 Onnet minutes plus 70 Off-Net minutes and 700 SMS to all networks” Telenor 4G Weekly Super Offer” supplies you two GB Free Internet Data in only Rs.119.50 for 7 Days.

Similarly”Telenor EasyCard Weekly Package” supplies you 600 MB Free Internet Data, 600 On-Net minutes plus 40 Off-Net moments and 600 SMS to networks in only Rs.150 for 7 Days.” Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra retains 6 GB Free Internet Data in just Rs.170 for 7 Days. Visit for all codes and offers Telenor weekly internet packages

Telenor Weekly Internet Offers

Telenor provide many and daily new Offers for their customer. These offers are very amazing and interesting. We also provide the latest information and the details of latest offers like their subscription code, Unsubscribe code, Price and Terms and condition.

So if you are a telenor users and want to learn and know about all internet offers then you need to press push button of our site. We provide all information for user about new offers and codes.