Vaping Is Necessary for Healthy Life


Compact logic is a beginner vaporizer produced by logic, a UK-based company and a subsidiary of ITC. the compact as well as the rest of the logic products are widely available in the EU and can be found online as well as in convenience stores and various B&Ms.

The Compact is a self-draining, button less sheath system and complicated settings. All you have to do is inhale into the mouthpiece. Refilling 1.7 ml pods is needed in five flavors and two concentrations of nicotine, 12 mg and 18 mg – although only tobacco and menthol flavors are available in the highest nicotine resistance.

The device is available on its own, but the logic is also including with two or six pods at a reduced price.

Logic is a compact device super light and very pocket -it is not much larger than two cigarettes placed side by side. You’re not going to have a problem throwing the compact into your jeans pocket, and you’re easily forgotten it’s there. Weighs less than 30 grams with a complete pod in!

Other than that, the compact feels slippery with its metallic finish and the pods also have a premium feel to them. They are plastic, but come in a well-designed package with rubber plugs to prevent leakage. Speaking about the design of the pod, there is no way to see how much e-liquid remains inside when the sheath is in the battery. But that’s a small inconvenience we can live.

Our biggest complaint with the device design has to do with the magnets that hold the pods in place. Logic compact motto is “when vaping simply clicks”, which refers to the magnetic connections of the pods and charger. The charger magnets are strong enough, but some of the pods are certainly not. The pods are not going to come out while it is vaping, but one of them came out in the pocket of one of our testers.