What is Kaoot

What is Kaoot

In addition to being a free online application, Kahoot allows you to design interactive questionnaires or use already designed questionnaires. This game-based learning platform allows students to ask themselves the same questions at the same time.

Despite its English-speaking interface, Kahoot makes it easy to create multiple-choice questionnaires, discussions, or even surveys. These multiple-choice questionnaires are created in advance by the teacher and put students in search of answers for a given time. Thereafter, points are awarded to each student according to their chosen answer.

In addition, thanks to this form of the questionnaire, it is possible to observe the number of correct answers obtained by the whole class for each of the questions. https://kahootlogin.co/

The “discussion” and the “survey” are used to get the class’s opinion on a subject. There are no points awarded. Only the teacher will be able to see the students’ choices.

Several questionnaires are shared with the community. In the search engine, by entering keywords in French and specifying the “School” audience, those that are most relevant in a school context will be displayed.

General Appreciation :

It is interesting to use this kind of web application, because teachers can work with tablets, computers and the interactive whiteboard at the same time. It also motivates students when they are against each other. The interface of the answers is very refined which allows an effective concentration on the choice of answer.

Yes, the creation website is in English. However, it is so structured and the words are so simple, it is easy to navigate and create questionnaires with ease. In addition, it is not necessary for the student to understand English in order to answer the questions since they are designed in French by the teacher.

Educational Tracks:

As this web application is a general working tool. It is possible to use it in most school subjects. Here is a sample of what we can do in class:

Learn Spelling

More than 550 audio, video capsules, and especially Kahoot quizzes related to learning to spell, for each of the years of elementary school.

Complementary material for several disciplinesResource of the day logo

Project by Mélanie Fortin and Laury Bédard, Jean Desjardins, Catherine Duprey, Laurence Foster-Simard, and their students (2015). From children’s literature, more than 300 audio readings, video capsules, and Kahoot quizzes.

  • Equipment for 1 st cycle of the primary
    Material for the 2 e cycle of the primary
    Material for the 3 e of the primary cycle

Students Create

A document from the Academy of Strasbourg proposes to put the learner to work and that he himself creates the Kahoots concerning the subject of the previous course, their presentation, the discovery, or welcome days for parents or new students.

At the end of the session

Create a quiz at the end of the work sequence in order to show if the material is acquired on the essential points.